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Business Application Development

At UIBMS, we craft software applications that seamlessly align with your business procedures, paving the way for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Hand Crafted Business Operations Software

Unlike other industry giants, at UIBMS, we take pride in crafting tailored applications that perfectly align with our customers’ unique operational requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and a truly personalized experience.

Smart Logical Business Data

Experience the power of our Business Logical applications, thoughtfully designed with robust reporting and business optimization tools to propel your operations forward. From advanced market research technologies to AI-powered reporting systems, we have all your needs covered, empowering you with the best-in-class insights for informed decision-making and unparalleled success.

Maximum Security Anti Theft Encryption

Rest easy knowing that all our software applications are fortified with maximum security, featuring military-grade anti-theft encryption to safeguard your valuable data with the utmost protection and peace of mind.

Support & Training

At UIBMS, we go the extra mile to ensure your success by providing comprehensive support, training, and detailed documentation for all our projects.

Unique App for Every Business

As part of our commitment to delivering tailor-made software solutions, UIBMS ensures the uniqueness of each application by providing the customer with the complete source code, enabling them to utilize it on their own infrastructure or local servers according to their specific needs and preferences.

Corporate Business Management System

Empower your corporate business with our integrated operations management system, enabling smooth workflow management, collaboration, and productivity enhancement across departments.

Empowering Businesses with Tailored Solutions!”

UIBMS is a leading SaaS and IT company dedicated to providing innovative software solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. With a customer-centric approach, we deliver tailored applications, comprehensive support, and cutting-edge technologies to drive efficiency, growth, and success for our valued clients.

Solutions Portfolio


HeDB is a tailored application designed to address the unique operational requirements of the company. It encompasses a comprehensive range of functionalities, ranging from personnel management, including recruitment and termination procedures, performance evaluations, training expenditures, and payroll processing, to inventory and uniform management. The application supports multiple users and features an adaptable dashboard and permission settings to cater to individual preferences. Furthermore, it incorporates employee self-service capabilities and facilitates efficient employee relationship management.

ERIS Guest Portal

ERIS Guest Portal is a sophisticated closed social network exclusively designed for our esteemed clients in the luxury holiday resort and theme park industry. This innovative platform enables guests to connect and socialize within the resort, seamlessly inviting one another to exciting daily activities like sports events, culinary experiences, live music evenings, and more. Beyond fostering guest engagement, the ERIS Guest Portal also serves as an exceptional marketing tool, facilitating cross-selling opportunities and enhancing the resort’s overall quality performance indicators. Elevate your guest experience and boost your resort’s success with ERIS Guest Portal.

KETI Customer Journeys

KETI Customer Journeys is an advanced application that enhances service quality within the industry. This versatile software aligns seamlessly with operational procedures and can easily incorporate additional data structures as needed. With its cutting-edge technology, the software generates predictive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the highest precision, setting a new standard in the global market. KETI Customer Journeys Elevates service quality and achieves unprecedented insights.

Web Design, Digital Media, and Marketing Solutions.

At UIBMS, we offer comprehensive web development and website management solutions, encompassing expert website design, meticulous planning, reliable hosting, and seamless ongoing management. Partnering with our world-leading SEO team ensures your website achieves optimal search engine visibility and drives an impactful online presence, paving the way for your digital success.

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